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Midland Valley's Stomping Grounds Cafe Is Giving High Schoolers A Taste Of The Workforce

Midland Valley High School completed a renovation project on its Stomping Grounds Cafe in February. The student-led snack and drink shop which was established in 2022.

The renovations began in fall 2023 and included new cabinets, countertops and a fresh paint job. The renovation was funded by a grant from the Gregg-Graniteville Foundation.

Students in the school's Professional Sales class work in the store.Students from Midland Valley’s business and marketing club — Distributive Education Club of America — are able to participate behind the counter, as well.

Profits made in the cafe, which is open during the school’s lunch block from 11:50 a.m. to 1:55 p.m., go toward funding student training, DECA conventions and materials and improvements for the store.

What started as a simple lemonade stand now offers over a dozen lemonade, tea and coffee flavor options, plus a variety of snacks.

Erin Weeks/Aiken Standard